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FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Here are seven of the most frequently asked questions we get asked. They are listed below. To find our answer simply click on the link and it will take you to the question and the answer.

Is Pergolas R Us A Franchise?

Answer: No!

Our business was started in 1993. And we later named ourselves as ‘Pergolas R Us’. We are not a franchise, yet we agree that it may ‘seem’ like we are by our name.

Pergolas R Us is a family founded, owned and operated business. For full details about our business, click on this link:

About Us

We are proudly a family run business, so you can be assured you’ll get friendly, family service when you work with us.

Whilst you are on the web site, you may be wondering about ‘how good’ our business is and whether you should trust us to build at your home.

Well, we believe you’ll find a lot of ‘thank you’ notes from past customers like this one:

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others. I always feel confident in what was being done. You are very professional.”

Keith Claughton

Here’s a link to our past customer pages – you can have a read about what people have to say about us:


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Do you leave a mess, and damage our garden?

Answer: No!

In fact, in our “9 Point Guarantee” you’ll find that point 7 states:

“Your garden will be protected and left clean on completion. However, in the unlikely occurrence that something is damaged, we will replace it free of charge.”

See point 7 here on our “9 Point Guarantee” for yourself by clicking on this link:


Pergolas R Us know that we will be working on your ‘home’.

So we take care with not only our work, but with the way that we work in and around your home and garden.

Often, other builders will ‘kill’ your garden, leave messy marks and fingerprints.

Here at Pergolas R Us – we take the extra steps to make sure your home is left ‘the way we found it’ – albeit with a superb new entertainment area!

It’s all part of the care and attention to detail we have with our business.

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Do you have a list of past customers that can prove you’re a business worth buying from?

Answer: Yes!

Since 1993 we have successfully completed 3200+ projects.

Some of our clients and their ‘handwritten’ thank you notes can be found on these pages.


Feel free to click on the links and have a read of them.

Be assured that you’ll be safe when you buy from us. We are fully licensed, insured and registered with all the relevant building authorities.

If you’re dealing with us, you’ll get a business that ‘knows what we are doing‘. And that we also are ‘the best at what we do‘.

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Do you guarantee your work?

Answer: Yes!

We have two different guarantees, you can see each of them on these two separate links:

9 Point Guarantee

Labour Guarantee

Now our pricing can tend to be on the ‘higher’ side of the market.


Because we do everything legally, so that we build at your home knowing your safety is assured during the building, and for years afterwards.

We have the best trades people, the best products and the best reputation for excellence throughout our 13 years of business.

We are in business – for the long term.

And to be around since 1993 we must have done some things right to have in excess of 3300 projects successfully completed.

So with experience and professionalism we can guarantee our work.

Be assured you may, or may not, pay a little more for working with us, but your money and your home will be safe when we build your project.

And, most importantly, in the years to follow – you, your family, (your beloved children) and your friends will be safe playing on or under the projects we build for you.

A superb looking outdoor entertainment area – that complies with all the laws and is built to last – we guarantee it.

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Do you guarantee your construction time?

Answer: Yes!

By now you’re beginning to understand how professionally we like to run our business. From our web site to our tradesmen to our cleaners – we pride ourselves on being friendly, courteous and professional.

And part of our service is guaranteeing our construction time.

When you buy from us we give you an “On Time Guarantee – or your labour is free”.

For full details click on this link:

Labour Guarantee

Please go to the link above and read the full details, so that you know exactly what we’re offering.

Once again, you can be assured that we will build you a superb project, and it’ll be finished on time.

It’s just another reason why you should choose to buy from Pergolas R Us.

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For all those people that get three quotes

A common thing that a lot of customers when thinking of buying from trades people is to get ‘three quotes’ from ‘three different businesses’.

Typically if a ‘couple’ is buying something for their home, they’ll agree that one of them will get the ‘salespeople’ in to give them a quote.

Then when they have three quotes the other partner will typically come home and the first question they ask is: ‘How much are they?’.

This may be ‘common’ yet it may not be ideal.

Judging a product on ‘price’ may not lead you to the best business to deal with.

Often, like any area of life – people will do things differently.

And building pergolas, verandahs, carports, sunrooms and timber decks – the trades people can build them VASTLY differently.

Thus the look and the safety of the project can also differ GREATLY!

And you may not know this!

So we’d like to let you know about it, and help explain it to you so you know what you’re dealing with when you get your ‘three quotes’.

Many customers tend to ‘judge’ a project by what it ‘looks’ like. Yet they may not understand, nor consider that the most important part of a building is what it looks like from ‘underneath’. That’s where the ‘detail’ is – and for any safe and secure building – the devil is in the detail!

Also, consider this: If you’re buying a pergola, verandah, carport or sunroom – think about where you and your friends will spend most of your time?

Underneath it!

So you don’t want your family or friends having a go at you because the ‘pergola’ looks ‘shoddy’ underneath!

Now, a builder may make a project ‘look’ good, but sitting underneath it, you’ll notice all sorts of ‘errors’ and bad workmanship.

At Pergolas R Us, our workmanship is top notch. You won’t find anyone finer. And we thrive on attention to detail because that’s what makes the projects we work on so good.

To see some of our work from ‘underneath’ click on this link and see the details and the quality workmanship.

Quality Workmanship

We hope you enjoy them, and value the level of business that we operate here.

“I thoroughly recommend ‘Pergolas R Us’ to anyone. Attention to detail, courtesy and respect for our property exemplifies the excellence of your company.”

Alan D. Collins.

Hopefully we can build one that your family and friends rave about too.

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What to look for when you get your ‘three quotes’

The most important part of getting a quote we feel as builders, is that you go with the person that listens to you and then comes up with the BEST design for your project.

The builder that provides you with the best designs for you – should be the one that you go with. Because they won’t just design well, they’ll build well too.

The two things go hand in hand.

Often customers like a design from one builder, yet want to keep the design and give it to another builder (who is usually cheaper) to build it.

That’s fair enough because they want to ‘save money’.

This may sound normal, yet please consider that not all builders are created equal!

So please consider what it may ‘cost’ you long term.

If someone can’t come up with a design, how could they know what goes into building one?

They may ‘say’ they may be able to build something that ‘looks’ like the design, yet they may not be able to build the project adequately to support the design.

And that could be dangerous, and perhaps illegal.

To illustrate this point, please consider an ice-berg for a moment.

Now only 10% of the ice-berg is visible from the top of the water, what sailors can’t see is the remaining 90% of the ice-berg that lays underneath the surface.

And to the sailors the 90% underwater is the most dangerous part!

So now consider the project design you may be thinking of getting another builder to build.

That builder may make it ‘look’ like the design – but that’s only the 10%. The remaining 90% is the detail that makes the design safe and legal.

So just like a sailor that can’t see the ‘hidden’ 90% of the ice-berg, if you want a ‘cheaper’ builder to build the 10% of the project that you can see (the design), you may be sailing into dangerous water.

All builders are not the same!

When getting your ‘three quotes’ assess the builders based on their design and knowledge.

The builders that listen to you, and ask you the better questions – will not only design you

a better project – they’ll also be able to build it. Safely and legally.

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