Mt Eliza Alfresco Design (Sunroom)

Mt Eliza Alfresco Design (Sunroom)

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Sensational Sunroom in Mt Eliza

Turn your extra space into a fabulous customised entertainment zone, with one of the leading Sunroom Extension Builders in Melbourne.

You know you’re onto something special when the tired old hedge outside your back door grows wings and disappears – and it’s replaced with a spaciously stylish sunroom, with a gorgeous staircase to a sunny backyard.

And it’s for keeps! When you’ve got that space and lots of ideas, but you just can’t fathom the right design ideas to enhance your lifestyle, who ya gonna call? Custom Outdoor Living’s Consult, Design & Construct-busters! That’s who!

“The owners of this seventies-built home in Mt Eliza wanted a fresh and modern lift to their sleepy backyard area, and sought to maximise their internal living areas, but in a way that made it appear that the ‘new’ room had always been there.

True, there was an existing small sunroom, but it had passed its use-by-date and was leaking like a sieve. So we designed an area that could be accessed from two existing exit doors, built extra Merbau decking and additional walls, and gave this young family a dreamy room that encapsulated the sun, to use all year round. Bi-fold doors now open wide as well, to create a place of tranquillity in the winter, and an alfresco (of sorts) in the summer.”

Matt Goodie, Managing Director of Custom Outdoor Living (and one of our Designers), enjoyed the challenge of transforming this home with his creative eye, giving the owners a birds-eye look at the design in virtual form, before any works began.

“Because we’re Registered Builders and Designers, we have the capacity to see potential, understand any complexities that might affect your build, and help you by drafting the full design specifications – without the need to engage an Architect for your project.

It’s all part of the one-stop service you’ll enjoy at Custom Outdoor Living.”
This new sunroom is now entirely functional, with access from both the lounge room and the laundry.

Plumbing works needed to be carefully adjusted to keep the downpipes flowing, and this was achieved by adding boxed wall panels and a Merbau bench to conceal their existence.

Energy efficiency in the home was also improved with the installation of LED lighting, high-pitched ceilings with exposed beams, a central ceiling fan for air circulation, and other cost-effective features to achieve a more contemporary look.

And now they can just let the sun shine in and face it with a grin – every single day!

You can find out more about our other alfresco designs here.

Talk to us at Custom Outdoor Living TODAY. We’ll take the challenge, and present you with an innovative design angle to address how your house looks now, and how you’d ideally like it to look in the very near future.

Start realising your dream extension today For your Unique Consultation, Virtual Design, and Construction Contact Custom Outdoor Living NOW.

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